Southwest Financial Selects CU Evolution to Help Maximize Member Engagement Through Utilizing the Digital Onboarding Platform

Dallas, TX (September 13, 2019)- Southwest Financial, a financial institution servicing Kroger associates and their immediate family members, has started utilizing the Digital Onboarding platform to onboard and engage their new members. Through CU Evolution’s collaborative efforts with Digital Onboarding, Southwest Financial is able to implement a cost-effective solution to engaging members in the digital space.

“Our strategy is to be completely digital, eliminating the need for members to visit a physical branch,” Melanie Kennedy, CEO of Southwest Financial said. “We plan to utilize the platform to inform and educate our members, in a matter they can refer back to and the platform can remind them where they left off.”

Southwest Financial is $61 million in assets with just over 10,000 members. The importance of having services and tools available to their members is imperative to their growth. CU Evolution has provided a way for Southwest Financial to connect with its members, especially those unable to come to their branch, via the Digital Onboarding platform.

The mission of CU Evolution, a credit union service organization (CUSO), is to facilitate the growth of credit unions to ensure the movement continues to evolve and thrive.

“We are credit union people helping credit unions,” Melenie Segura, Marketing Strategist of CU Evolution said. “Our goal is to bring Southwest Financial’s vision to life with the digital onboarding platform.”

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About Southwest Financial:
Southwest Financial offers banking products and services to our members. Originally, we were created by Kroger associates for Kroger associates. While the majority of our membership is affiliated with Kroger, we have expanded our field of membership to include the employees of hundreds of other companies and their immediate family members. Additionally, we pay an annual cash reward (Mighty Maxx Loyalty Reward) to our members based on the products and services they utilize with us. For more information on how you can Experience Better Banking, visit us at