asset/Liability management

CU Evolution’s Financial Management Report (FMR) provides you with the tools and analysis to enhance your credit union’s financial performance through evolving ALM techniques.

Financial Management report (FMR)

Our five-page report evaluates your credit union’s numeric trends, capital adequacy, earnings stability, asset quality, expense control, liquidity and interest rate risk.  The FMR with its detailed analytics is accompanied by handwritten commentary and highlights that will assist decision makers in effectively managing the balance sheet and supporting the credit union’s financial performance.

peer group statistics

These quarterly statistics provide valuable information for all NCUA peer groups.  It offers a detailed breakdown of net operating expenses by call report account code as well as many other features allowing credit unions to compare their key financial ratios and monitor their financial performance.

Sample Financial Management Report

The FMR is based on the most recent National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) 5300 call report data.

Affordable pricing for a single report. Discounts available for bi-annual or quarterly subscriptions.

Getting Started

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